Friday, December 3, 2010

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Christmas time is family time, so we always make it a point to celebrate it with family. This is the time that Justin gets to see his cousins and pester them. LOL! Seriously, he enjoys being with them and playing with them because he always gets what he wants, him being the youngest. The following pictures were taken last Christmas in Laguna.

What we had for Christmas lunch

Getting ready for gift-giving; Justin with his cousins and Tita Meann

Justin was all smiles as he received one of his many Christmas gifts

We'll have a different venue this year for our Christmas celebration, and that's at my parents' place in Cavite. Justin is so excited already to see the entire family. For sure, our Christmas family reunion will be a riot.

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12 pensive thought/s:

Christmas is really a big event for Filipino families esp. the kids :)


Wow.. Christmas reunion? Ang galing naman. Sana may ganyan din kami. Hihi.


christmas is a time for food, lotsa food and family bonding. and the gift-giving, w/c the kids enjoyed the most.

hope we can be "merry" this xmas:(


Yummy food! Everybody was all smiles. This is what Christmas reunions are all about.


ang daming pagkain, nakakagutom! and the kids all looked so happy! must have been a great christmas...


ang saya just looking at the picture I can tell na napakasaya ng Christmas nyo..:-)


Christmas will never really be complete without family gatherings and lots of food!


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