Tuesday, March 11, 2008

April last year, my blood tests showed a very high level of bad cholesterol. Tsk…tsk…So I was given medication for one month and a cholesterol-lowering diet guide, which I followed to the hilt. And I vowed I’d lower that amount with strict discipline and determination, which I did. And yes, I aced my second round of blood tests. But since I was late again for this particular appointment with my doctor--a good one month (or is it two?) has passed since my scheduled visit with him--he said he needed to see how my cholesterol level is faring with the absence of medication. And so he gave me another request for another series of blood tests, which I was supposed to have completed in January of this year, but I still have not done until now. It’s the holidays, for God’s sake! I still might have remnants of all the fat-laden foods I ate last Christmas and New Year had I went for those tests in January. Is that cheating or what? I was actually kind of complacent, too, after having received a very good 2D-echo result on that same visit with my good doctor. Not to worry, doc, I’m maintaining my fish-centered diet, with very few binging on the side. I’ve actually become more careful now with the food I eat, and that has a lot to do with being a mom. I have to be healthy for my son, even if that means sacrificing some of my gastronomic cravings.
For nearly a week now, Justin has been sleeping soundly through the night. Gone were those days of both mommy and baby waking up two to three times more for his milk feedings after he’s put to bed at around 9 to 9:30 pm. Finally, baby gets to enjoy an uninterrupted 8-9 hours’ sleep. And mommy, too, gets to sleep a full 6 hours, which is definitely better than the amount of sleep I was getting since I gave birth to my son, and that’s been what, 20 months since then. I badly needed that. I’ve lost weight since I gave birth mainly due to sleep deprivation. I weigh even lesser now than I had weighed before I’d gotten pregnant. Not that I’m complaining. I’m actually enjoying that slight weight loss just a tiny bit. And why not? I get to wear pants and shirts one size smaller than I’m used to wearing. Now, that’s one good reason to smile about.
We went to Justin’s pediatrician two Saturdays ago for his pneumonia vaccine, his final shot in a series of four, each costing a whopping Php5,000.00. Boy, I didn’t know immunizations cost much these days! Just one shot and in a snap, my husband’s hard-earned bucks disappeared before our very eyes. Since birth until now (Justin is now 1 year and 8 months old), he’s had a total of 33 shots, some of those given in combination, with prices ranging from Php1,000.00 to Php5,000.00. No matter the cost, Ed and I tell ourselves at least we know our son is protected. We’re investing on his health, and that’s all that matters.
This is a rather late posting, but I'll post it anyway.

I can’t resist it. I really must write about this.

Last Monday, January 20, 2008 to be exact, while I was dressing Justin straight from his morning bath, I cooked up a little game. I called it the fill-in-the-blanks game. I just wanted to check how much of the things Justin already knows about he could remember when uttered out loud. This was how it went. I would say something that ended with a word Justin is already familiar with, and I would let him say the final syllable of that word. Here is a list of those words:

1. Manang bought tinapay (bread).
2. Mommy will drink coffee.
3. Ate Tin-Tin wants to have milo.
4. Do you want a glass of water?
5. Justin wants his dede (milk in a feeding bottle).
6. I think I’ll have a banana.

Not bad for a 1 ½-year-old, huh?
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