Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This is a rather late posting, but I'll post it anyway.

I can’t resist it. I really must write about this.

Last Monday, January 20, 2008 to be exact, while I was dressing Justin straight from his morning bath, I cooked up a little game. I called it the fill-in-the-blanks game. I just wanted to check how much of the things Justin already knows about he could remember when uttered out loud. This was how it went. I would say something that ended with a word Justin is already familiar with, and I would let him say the final syllable of that word. Here is a list of those words:

1. Manang bought tinapay (bread).
2. Mommy will drink coffee.
3. Ate Tin-Tin wants to have milo.
4. Do you want a glass of water?
5. Justin wants his dede (milk in a feeding bottle).
6. I think I’ll have a banana.

Not bad for a 1 ½-year-old, huh?

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