Friday, July 31, 2009

It’s been over a year now that I’ve been working from home. We (because it’s a collaboration among all of us in the house) used to tell Justin that I go to the office every day when the truth is I’m just working inside our bedroom. To make everything believable to my then 2-year-old son, I had to work as quietly as I can because the slightest noise perturbs him. This is not easy for me to do because there’s just a thin divider between our living room where Justin stays the whole day and our bedroom where I work. Can you imagine me soundlessly sneezing? I almost managed to do that. LOL! I think this situation has also created fear in my son because when he hears anything coming from the bedroom, his nanny would just tell him it’s nothing or it’s just our neighbors doing something in their house.

But now, after one year of pretending, the little boy knows I’m just working inside our bedroom. I don’t ask him and his Ate Ayie (or whoever is there to baby-sit him) to go inside the bathroom anymore when it’s time for me to go to the office or to go home. I just simply tell him that mommy has to work now inside the bedroom and that I will see him later. I think he likes the idea that mommy is just in the house all day, and while he sometimes calls my name during work time, he doesn’t really do anything that will disrupt mommy’s work schedule. He also knows my work ends at 5 or 5:30pm, which signals his turn to use our computer to play online games.

Why the change of plan, you might ask. The answer is simple. I don’t think I can fool a smart three-year-old boy anymore, so what’s the use of pretending?

I was tagged by Willa of Smart Mommy and Online Mommy of Online Mommy's Corner. I love to read pocket books, but when I became a mommy, I barely had time to read the morning paper, let alone a book. But this is a fun tag, and I simply couldn’t pass it up. The rules are:

1. Collect the book that you have most handy.
2. Turn to page 161.
3. Find the 5th complete sentence.
4. Cite the sentence on your blog.
5. Pass it on to 5 other victims (Oops! bloggers).

The last book that I read, which took me forever to finish, is She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb.

The 5th complete sentence of that book says:

“I been out there for fifteen minutes trying to meditate with my stomach growling.”

What impeccable timing! It’s almost lunchtime. LOL!

(Note: You can overlook the grammatical error in that sentence because writers have the right to deviate from normally accepted practices to achieve a desired effect. That right is called poetic license.)

Now, here are my victims: Kaye of RandomWAHMThoughts, Pehpot of Make or Break, Cecile of Things that Matter Most, Kittykat of Amazingly Me, and Ela of Tales of the Domesticated Husband’s Wife.

mommy moments

This photo was taken on a Friday night. Friday is the end of work week for me, but I have lots of things to do after work. I still have to prepare dinner, wash the dishes, throw the garbage, fold laundry, and give my son a bath. When he’s in a good mood, Justin packs away his toys, but obviously on this particular night, he was not too keen on doing that. Normally, I would clean up all the mess in the house the moment I see them, but not this day. I was too tired to even bother picking up his toys that are splayed out all over the floor. That can wait until tomorrow. Besides, I’m no superwoman, although sometimes I try to be!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Last Friday afternoon, Justin, his dad, I, and his cousin Ate Ayie trooped to Justin’s school for their Back-to-School Night. It’s a chance for parents to meet their kids’ teachers, know their kids' schedule, and see their kids’ classrooms and some of their artworks.

This is Justin’s classroom where some of their artworks are displayed.

The kids were treated to a free magic show and ice cream. Ruther, the magician, was also a good ventriloquist, and he’s quite funny, too. Here’s a picture of him performing one of his tricks.

Because patience is not one of my son’s virtues, he got bored halfway through the show. We headed to the mall afterwards.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Satellite TV is gaining popularity these days because of the many benefits it provides, such as better picture and sound quality and a wide range of channels and services. It’s called Satellite TV because TV broadcasts are delivered via a satellite and received by a satellite dish and set-top box. Now, my husband is a certified TV addict, and I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to know about this. He’ll definitely go gaga over Sports Programming on DIRECTV.

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Satellite Informant is a great place to learn about Satellite service and equipment, find information on popular receiver options, and know about the latest Satellite TV promotions. You can even download owners’ manuals from their site once you have your Satellite TV installed. They also have an Article Submission Page where you can share your thoughts and opinions about Satellite TV and its dealers.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

mommy moments

Of all the things that we failed to capture in photos, it had to be my son’s first steps. Sigh! If my memory serves me right, Justin started walking on his own a day or two after his first birthday. We (him and me) were alone in the house when that monumental event happened. I was taking care of him and was trying to see if he could walk by himself, slowly taking my hands off him, and he did it, his first baby steps!!! How could I take a picture of him when it all happened so fast?

Prior to taking his first steps, Justin was already traversing the tiny space in his baby crib while holding on to its side rails. If he’s braver, then he’d attempt to move from one side to the other side, which means he had to be on his own two feet for a couple of seconds without any rail support. Of course, mommy and daddy were there to cheer him on. He used to walk head first (perhaps because his head was big; it still is), which makes him susceptible to falling, so I was always by his side or behind him to catch him when he stumbles.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I woke up one day finding my son’s mini toy cars neatly parked on my dish rack.

Perhaps, my son thought since dish rack can organize our dishes, it can do wonders for his toys, too.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I have a good reason to wake up with a smile these days. My son is not crying anymore when I drop him off at school. As I have been telling in my previous posts, he never wanted mommy out of his sight when he’s inside his classroom. He would cry if I leave him.

He actually enjoys school, but he hates mommy’s disappearing acts. So everyday when he wakes up, he goes on repeating “I don’t want to go to school.” It takes a lot of coaxing to make him go to the bathroom for his morning bath and even more so when we (his teachers and I) would tell him that it’s okay for him to stay in the classroom while mommy waits outside.

The only times he would consent to being left in the classroom without mommy is when any one of the three teacher’s aides would stay with him for a few minutes in class or would carry him to class. For more than a week now, he hasn’t been crying anymore, and today, he went to the classroom by himself, parked his bag, and said “See you later, mommy” with nary a teacher’s aide. This means my mornings will now be stress-free.

Getting old is inevitable. There are many who fear growing old because of the age-related diseases that may hit them, the staggering cost of elderly care, and the idea of becoming a burden to their families.

I sure would love to take care of my parents in their old age. My mom, however, is a stroke survivor and a diabetic. She has also been having uncontrolled hypertension since she was hospitalized two years ago. I fear that things might get worse and that I won’t be equipped with the knowledge needed to properly care for her. I might need to find a nursing home for her when that happens.

But how do I find the ideal care facility for my loved one? How do I begin my search? How much do I have to spend for it? What nursing home services should I look for? Is there a way to verify a nursing home’s credentials?

I’m glad I learned about Elderly Care, a site founded in 1997, to help seniors search for nursing homes and home health care appropriate to their needs. The site informs you about how to search for the ideal nursing home for your loved ones and the vital nursing home services and medical services that a facility should offer among others. You can visit their site to know more about your senior care options.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

If money is not a problem, I would definitely buy not one but three lovely pairs of denim from Armani Exchange. I haven’t tried wearing skinny jeans before. It would be nice to slip into a pair of A|X Wing Skinny Fit for a change.

Now, I’m used to just buying blue jeans ever since. Wearing the same color of denims every day when I accompany my son to and from school makes me a plain Jane, like nobody notices. It’s as if I’m there, but I’m not there. Donning the Grey Straight Leg would definitely add some panache to my otherwise boring get-up.

Finally, since I juggle home and work, I need a pair of denim that is not too restrictive, one that gives me enough leeway to perform my duties as quickly as I can without making me look drab. The Embroidered Skinny Flare Fit would be perfect. It’s chic, cool, and comfortable.

I just recently found out that Armani Exchange now has premium denim starting at $98. Also, if you purchase a pair of denim from Armani Exchange at full price from July 7 to July 19, 2009, you will receive a gift card that entitles you to a $20 off your next purchase of $100 or more. This promo is valid from July 30 to August 15, 2009. As if these were not enough, they’re also having the text A|X contest. You simply text the keyword “DENIM2” to ARMANI (276264) for a chance to win a pair of denim every day for the month of July.


Friday, July 17, 2009

mommy moments

Without a doubt, playing is Justin’s favorite activity. It’s the first thing he does after having his milk in the morning or sometimes immediately after he wakes up, after his school, before he takes his afternoon nap, after napping, and before he goes to bed. If he’s too excited about a new toy, he sometimes cuddles that toy with him when he sleeps.

Justin having a grand time on the slide at the Little Martians

Playtime in school

Justin riding his toy car

Justin and his Ate Ayie busy assembling his Thomas Talk ‘N Action Magic Rail Set

Justin playing with his police car

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Justin is such a fan of Thomas & Friends. When asked what gift/s he would like to receive for his birthday, he would mention the names of the characters in the show. He already has Thomas (with Annie and Clarabel), which his Daddy bought for him last December. Next came three miniature tank engines (James, Percy, and Edward), his rewards for completing his summer class. A week before his birthday, his Dad bought him a new Thomas rail set as his advance birthday gift. His Daddy’s friends and officemates, Tita Tess and Tita Sharon, gave him Gordon and Percy, respectively .(Thank you so much! You made my little boy so happy!)

Justin’s first Thomas rail set

Justin’s Talk ‘N Action Magic Rail Set; the accessories weren’t put in place yet

Gordon from Tita Tess

Percy from Tita Sharon

Do you think he’s had enough? Not quite. If you ask him now which character he wants next, he’ll say “Arthur.”

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

For us parents, back-to-school season means paying for tuition fees, purchasing textbooks and school supplies, and giving transportation and food allowances to our children. This time of the year can be quite expensive, and we really can’t afford to shoulder additional expenses anymore. But what if a recent visit to the doctor revealed your child needs prescription eyeglasses? How would you manage to fit that into your budget?

I’ve been wearing prescription eyeglasses for as long as I can remember. Poor eyesight runs in our family, and I won’t be surprised if my son will be needing a pair of prescription glasses, too, one day. That will definitely put a strain on my already tight budget because he’s already studying.

It’s a good thing that Zenni Optical offers affordable but highly fashionable prescription glasses. You wouldn't believe it, but they have an $ 8 Rx eyeglasses in their product list. They offer a wide range of diverse eyeglasses, so you’ll definitely find a pair that will fit your child’s needs.

Would you like to know what others are saying about their products? Rudi Stettner, a highly satisfied client, raved about them in his article “High Five to Zenni Optical.” I would definitely love to learn more about their products. It would be great to see Zenni Optical on TV!!!

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For over 23 years, 1-800-DENTIST has been carefully matching patients with qualified dentists and advocating the importance of regular dental visits to all of their consumers. They also keep you abreast of the latest oral health and dental care news, give helpful dental tips, and provide fun dental activities for your kids.

Finding a dentist in your area at 1-800-DENTIST is easy. You simply type in your zip code, click on the dental problem/complaint you want fixed, check “Yes” if you have dental insurance or “No” if you don’t, press “Begin Search,” and voila, the answer to your problem is right before your very eyes.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jacris of Mom’s Special Diary and Shy of Simple Happy Life gave me The Adorable Blog Award and The Uplifting Blogger Award.

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Unlike the first one, there are no rules for this award.

I’m passing on these two awards to all the Mommy Blogs, Baby Blogs, and Interesting Sites on my blog roll. Go grab them, guys, while they’re hot!

We woke up late last Saturday; ergo, we had late breakfast and late lunch. We had breakfast at home and decided to go out and have lunch at Bigby’s Café and Restaurant at The Atrium in SM Megamall (3rd Level). I wasn’t really keen on going out as I was a bit under the weather that time. But I was glad I did because as soon as I tasted what we ordered, I was feeling fine already.

Tiki Wacky Chicken Salad consisting of tomatoes, ripe mangoes, grapes, walnuts, croutons, cheese, and romaine lettuce topped with creamy chicken salad, Php295.00. I say it’s heavenly!

Quesadilla Plain (Cheese) half, Php119.00. When we asked Justin what he wanted to eat, he said “pizza.” We ordered Quesadilla instead because of its physical resemblance to a pizza and because Justin, like Mommy and Daddy, loves cheese, too.

Rack-A-Bye Baby, barbecued pork ribs served with buttered veggies, Php389.00. You can never go wrong with this since the meat is tender, juicy, and tasty. Since they offer big servings, we asked our server to split one order of Rack-A-Bye-Baby into two. We ordered 2 of these and ended up with four plates.

Bigby’s offers Filipino and international cuisine. Aside from their delectable treats, you will also notice their cool ambiance and their friendly and attentive staff.

Monday, July 13, 2009

As part of the school enrollment requirements, we have to submit two 2”X2” pictures of my son. We had Justin posed for that shot in a Kodak kiosk in the mall. At first, I thought one of those pictures was going to be used for his school ID, but nope, both will be used for my son’s school records. I have posted a copy of that ID picture here so Justin will know what he looked like as a nursery student. I also think he looks cute in this picture. Do I sound like a doting mom?

We Are the World Tag

I got this really nice tag from Jacris of Mom’s Special Diary.

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We Are The World Bloggers Master List:
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10th Picture in a Folder Tag

This one's from Shy of Simple Happy Life.

This photo was taken at Robinsons Galleria when Justin was only five months old.

Now, I'm tagging everyone on my blog list. Have fun, guys!

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