Thursday, July 16, 2009

Justin is such a fan of Thomas & Friends. When asked what gift/s he would like to receive for his birthday, he would mention the names of the characters in the show. He already has Thomas (with Annie and Clarabel), which his Daddy bought for him last December. Next came three miniature tank engines (James, Percy, and Edward), his rewards for completing his summer class. A week before his birthday, his Dad bought him a new Thomas rail set as his advance birthday gift. His Daddy’s friends and officemates, Tita Tess and Tita Sharon, gave him Gordon and Percy, respectively .(Thank you so much! You made my little boy so happy!)

Justin’s first Thomas rail set

Justin’s Talk ‘N Action Magic Rail Set; the accessories weren’t put in place yet

Gordon from Tita Tess

Percy from Tita Sharon

Do you think he’s had enough? Not quite. If you ask him now which character he wants next, he’ll say “Arthur.”

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Awww! Now he surely will have fun with his new Thomas Friends. I have you in my blog roll but you know what I just found your button. I am going to put it on my Linky Love Page too! Thank you for adding mine to your site:) Have a great day!


Gabz used to love Thomas too! She even have a train set like this...but then..she moves on..and now is crazy about princesses! Hay lumalaki na...


He'll ask for more, just like my son does, coz playing with Thomas is fun.


my Toby loves Thomas too! we have a medium train set.. it looks a bit like your first picture... we have thomas and percy.. and then we also have the little trains too... :)


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