Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Last Friday afternoon, Justin, his dad, I, and his cousin Ate Ayie trooped to Justin’s school for their Back-to-School Night. It’s a chance for parents to meet their kids’ teachers, know their kids' schedule, and see their kids’ classrooms and some of their artworks.

This is Justin’s classroom where some of their artworks are displayed.

The kids were treated to a free magic show and ice cream. Ruther, the magician, was also a good ventriloquist, and he’s quite funny, too. Here’s a picture of him performing one of his tricks.

Because patience is not one of my son’s virtues, he got bored halfway through the show. We headed to the mall afterwards.

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I think it's a great idea for the school to have a special day/night for the parents.at least it'll give you an idea what they "really" do in school and feel the environment as well.
and if you are not too busy, I have a Book Tag for you. :)


It's a nice way for the teachers and parents plus the kids to interact.
Kids at that age easily gets bored and want to do their own thing.
Anyway, I have something for you too on my blog (http://titik-atibapa.com). Hope you like it. In case you have posted the same it's okey with me. Have a nice day!


They do something like that here for the kids. Only I don't know when ours is. Registration begins in August. Oh joy.. Wish school were starting already. Summer vacation is way to long.


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