Thursday, July 9, 2009

My siblings have often chided me for having a lucky birth date because they’re not as fortunate. Celebrating my birthday on January 31st has its perks, the most important of which is it’s payday, so I always end up having some treats served for my special day. I even got the chance to invite friends over to our place for a little celebration. But we’re not well-off, so Goldilocks cakes are unheard of in our family until I reached college.

There’s a Goldilocks branch near UST, which my classmates frequented. Since I was living on a tight budget at that time, I would have to save some money from my already meager allowance, and that would take days, even weeks, just to be able to buy a decent meal from Goldilocks. That dream of savoring the delectable foods at Goldilocks seemed unreachable, however, as there were other things I needed to prioritize in school.

Xeroxing resource materials was one. I couldn’t buy all the required books for my course, so I had to photocopy the chapters that I needed to study for an exam. That’s where most of my allowance went. As days progressed, I gave up on my ultimate Goldilocks dream until one day when one of my best pals in college invited me for a snack at Goldilocks and I consented.

I don’t even remember if I had saved enough money for that or if she lent me money or if she insisted on footing the bill, but I do remember what heaven felt like the moment I relished my first ever Goldilocks product, their fresh lumpia. I took my sweet time consuming this delightful treat.

Of course, I didn’t show my friend that it was my first time at Goldilocks nor did I give a hint that I was head over heels in love with what I was having for merienda. I hope she never took notice of my mixed emotions at that time. Since then, I have become a loyal Goldilocks patron. As a matter of fact, my son always celebrates his birthday with a Goldilocks cake.

You’re the 1, Goldilocks, because you made me realize that dreams can come true, and if I wait for the right time, I can have a taste of heaven on earth.

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Hi Tetcha.... can I make a suggestion, I hope you won't mind hehe, I think it is better to take out the word verification since your comment section is moderated hehe


I like their fresh lumpia too! :) sobrang love ko siya...parang nalalasahan ko siya ngayon ahhaha! :)


I've never heard of Goldilocks. Looks like a delicious cake and beautiful too. Thanks for the great hint. I'll have to check it out sometime. I wonder if there is one by me?


Hi Mommy,

Nakakatuwa ang mga entries nyo for Goldilocks! I can't do the same khit me email akong natanggap from Nuffnang simply because I prefer the other brand.

Anyway, hope you all win :)

God Bless...

btw, I am grabbing your badge. Just visit it on my Badge of Honor page when you have time :)


Aw! What an entry... Nakakaluha but because of joy. Contest pala ito. Itatanong ko na nga sana magkano binayad ng Goldilocks sa'yo e! Hehehe!


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