Friday, July 3, 2009

mommy moments

I was having second thoughts about participating in this week’s theme. You see, my son Justin only had one chance to own a pet. A month before Christmas last year (he was 2 years and 4 months old then), his Dad bought him a fish and a small aquarium. I was able to take a photo of the fish, but none of my son with that fish. I was also able to blog about it in this post.

That fish has long been dead and done, and we haven’t bought any other pet since then. Since we have limited space in the condo, owning a bigger pet, such as a dog, is not really advisable; besides, I’m afraid he just might be bitten by it. We have also not taken him to a zoo yet, so he doesn’t really have that much encounter/experience with animals.

Let me share instead some stories about my son when it comes to pets and pests (Pests are also animals, right?).

His first pet (fish) – He was fascinated with his first pet that he even hugged the aquarium and said “I love you” to his pet.

Ants – Whenever he sees ants, he would step on them or slap them hard with his hands, and he won’t stop until they’re lifeless. Poor creatures!

Cockroach – He’s afraid of cockroaches, even the dead ones lying on the road/floor. He would stop walking if he sees one, and he wouldn’t budge until you convince him that the cockroach is really dead and would not be able to do him any harm.

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hahaha...seems your Justin and my Jian dreaded the same insect....

thanksfor dropping by Mommy Moments ko


My son kills ants too, he doesn't like roaches and the first pet that he got fascinated with is our pet fish. He grew up with it :)

Mommy, I have a Friendship Chain for you...


That is very funny about the ants. My grand daughter is always finding a different insect to play with.
We have warned her about the biting ones so she is a little more cautious now.


That was sad,I hope next time puppy naman.Have a wonderful weekend Tetcha.


My son dislikes cockroaches too, usually he will jump and calling us if he sees one. Have a good weekend mommy :)


Haha!That's really funny!Ang liit liit na nga nung langgam.
Good thing for havin' a pet in the house even fish they will learn how to take good care of them.Here's mine...
Happy weekend!


How heart-warming - the aquarium -hugging thingy! And it's a good thing he's not into cockroaches as they're big germ/disease carriers.


justin and jake are the same, they both hate and are scared with insects :-); jake's was a rabbit, that runaway, second was the fish that died, since then never had pet, again; he want to have dog and cat; but told him when he get's old enough to care for it.thanks for sharing, tetch :-)


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