Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I woke up one day finding my son’s mini toy cars neatly parked on my dish rack.

Perhaps, my son thought since dish rack can organize our dishes, it can do wonders for his toys, too.

8 pensive thought/s:

Haha!!This is funny!Atleast hindi kana masyadong nahirapan sa kid!


i have to beg maegan to put things back. justin is much neater than my daughter.


LOL You got him trained early how to organize his toys. Too cute!


grabe natawa ako rito a. oo ng at least maimis sya sa gamit diba?


lol, ang sosy naman ng parking area mo justtin nasa dish rack pa, para libre car wash din. nakaktuwa talaga mga bata ano, they really have mind of their own.


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