Thursday, December 30, 2010

My husband is a certified movie buff. His growing collection of VCDs and DVDs is a tangible proof of his fascination with movies. It’s the same reason, too, why he bought a big TV when he moved to our condo unit in 2008. He wants to get a cinematic feel when he’s watching movies at home.

I know he plans to have his own home theater someday, and to help him get started on this endeavor, I’m doing my own research on what items we need to make his dream come true. Scouting for home theater décor and accessories on the Internet is not easy as there are too many choices. I guess I’ll just make hubby decide which ones he likes for his dream home theater.

1 pensive thought/s:

I wish we had a larger place. I would love a home theater. If I mention it my wife just cringes and then says.Where!


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