Saturday, October 30, 2010

I had to set aside my writing task about business card printing (full color printing, that is) yesterday morning to give way to my son’s Halloween party in school. I actually had to skip work in the morning because parents were encouraged to join their kids in school for their Halloween celebration.

I actually didn’t buy my son a new Halloween costume this year because last year, I bought two costumes, Zorro and skeleton costumes. The skeleton costume was still too big for him last year, but yesterday it fitted him perfectly.

With Mommy before going to school

Ready for trick-or-treating!

With Diego, one of his best pals in school

With his classmates inside their classroom

During their class presentation on stage

Class picture after the presentation

I went home ahead of my son and his yaya because Justin still wanted to play with his friends in school. I felt so tired when all I did was sit and take pictures of my son. Signs of aging? I hope not! LOL!

5 pensive thought/s:

ayyy ang cute nman ng mga batang ito with their halloween costume. parang christmas party din ang dating ahh hehe. Mr skeleton pala si justin. I enjoyed looking at the pictures tetcha they are all cute.


wow! ang saya-saya....:) ang galing mo naman mami dear...naka tipid ka this year...:)


Bravo! Moms are, and will always be, "stage moms" -- wherever, whenever our kids need us :) kahit nakakapagod! :)))


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