Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Justin’s pre-kindergarten class has a project that gives parents and children an opportunity to do something together. Mommies or daddies can read the book Don’t Wake Up Mama! by Eileen Christelow to their children. The book was about how five little monkeys showed their love to their mother by baking a birthday cake for her.

After reading the book, parents and their children should bake or cook something together or just let the kids have the chance to feed their parents. This should be captured in photos that each family had to display in their family page in a scrapbook provided by Justin’s school. Justin and I agreed to make champorado (chocolate porridge) for this school project. Here’s what our family page looked like:

I’m not really that creative when it comes to school projects, but I hope this will suffice!

6 pensive thought/s:

wow this is nice, the teacher is giving you a chance to show the bonding of you and you kid o so cute


That's a nice project - mommy/daddy and child bonding. :)


Hello Tetcha
I love scrapbooking! Your project is great.
Hopefully it will get a high grade for your son!


This is sweet! I love baking/cooking with my kids, and we try to do it as often as we can.


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