Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Last Friday, October 15, was World Culture Day at Justin’s school. Last year, the students were asked to come to school wearing national costumes of different countries. This year, though, the children were only asked to wear a special headband with the flag of the country that the child is representing. Justin’s pre-kindergarten class could choose any country in Europe. I chose to make a Swiss flag for my son.

Aside from the flag hat, the students should also bring an item related to the country for Show & Tell. It could be an artifact or décor, costume, book, doll, delicacy, or music. The first thing that came to mind (and the easiest to find!) was Swiss chocolates, so I asked my husband to buy one for my son.

Justin with his Switzerland flag hat and his Swiss chocolate before going to school last Friday

Does he look like a bishop or what?

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