Friday, October 15, 2010

mommy moments

Like most kids, my four-year-old son also loves blowing bubbles. On his 4th birthday last July, he received more than 1 bubble blowing toy from his classmates. Fortunately for me, there was one left in our bathroom, which I made him use again for this week’s theme.

Preparing his bubble toy

Getting ready to blow

Small bubbles at first

There you go!

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17 pensive thought/s:

Nice! for 1 day consumption ba yan? My toddler can left it empty bottle for an hour. That's why i suggest to hubby na magdikdik nlang ng gumamela and mix it with detergent soap just like I did when I was a kid...ahaha! =D


We don't have bubble toys anymore. Ang anak natatapon nya lagi ang laman so madaling maubos. Wahhh.


What a bubble day for him hehehe mine will be later. Happy Bubble day!


What a bubble day for him! Mine will be later yet. Happy Bubble day!


ang laki ng bubble toy nya at ang ganda ng smile noong naka-form na sya ng bubble. noong ganyang age si RJ, ang binibili ni hubby ko e 1 liter na bubble kase uniiyak kapag nauubos, ehehe.



Sa amin din kulang ang isang bottles kaya dapat palaging may extra.Looks like he's having load of fun!^_^

Happy Mommy Moments!

Enjoy your weekend,Mommy Tetcha!


wow! "blow by blow" pictures!

my child also has a bubble toy (the gun) but it's no longer working :-( kaya tuloy wala akong bubble maker sa post ko ngayon.


for the last shot, he looked really proud of the big bubble he made :)


ahahahah kelangan sa banyo tlga ahahhaha =)) parehos tyu bawal sa house! ;P

here's mine -


aw ang ang laki pa nang bubbles...he should play sure other kids will get jealous...ehehehe!

salamat sa dalaw on my entry te...glad to be here!


Wow! Talagang cooperative sa picture-taking! Enjoy kasing mag-blow!

visiting from mommy momments.


It doesn't matter where they blow it as long as they can blow bubbles, its fun already! :)


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