Friday, October 8, 2010

mommy moments

I’m not very adventurous when it comes to hairstyles because I don’t have the luxury of time to be very fussy about my hair. I have a very busy work-at-home schedule; I start work immediately after giving my son a bath in the morning and dropping him off at school. After work, it’s mommy time again, so I don’t really need a high-maintenance hairstyle.

As you can see in our pictures below, only the length of my hair changed through the years; the style is basically the same. My son has more exciting hairstyles than me. Look at the different hairstyles he’s had from then until now.

When he was 3 or 4 months old

On his 1st birthday celebration at Jollibee, Shangri-La Mall

Sporting the bald look

Beside his friend “Jollibee”

At Kidz Haircut in Robinsons, Galleria

Dining out with Mommy

As a nursery student last year

His newest hairstyle!

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wow binata na si Justin..teka Justin ba name ng baby mo...he..he..parang matagal na ksi akong di nakavisit dito sis, just got our IC a week ago and super-duper busy sa klase..

anyway I'm glad to be back here and so amazed how big Justin is!!!


Ang gwapo ni Justin, naku madaming iiyak nyan pag binata na yan lol..

Hair Styles


We usually just fit our hairstyle with our lifestyle, don't we? It makes things easier. Justin is growing so fast. He's got your looks.


love clean cut hair of Justin, bagay sa kanya :-); lalo tulot pumogi...


Hi. Ganda ng new haircut nya. Lahat ata ng baby kinakalbo para maganda ang tubo ng hair. Thanks for visiting my post for MM.


I find his nursery days hairstyle look great and I notice for you sis na hindi nag iiba ang physical appearance mo, si justine lang ang lumaki but the mom stay looks younger. :)


Justin looks cool with his new "barbers' cut" :)))

by the way, I have an award for you here:
Versatile Blogger award


what's nice about Mommy Moments Hairstyles is that when I look at the photos of our kid/s from when they were babies to present, I see how much they've grown. Makes me nostalgic and all :)
Your man has grown to be a real charmer :)

Thanks for the visit!


Big boy na si Justin and his latest hairstyle bagay sa kanya. :)


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