Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When my husband was still working in Alabang in 2001, our usual meeting place was Ayala Town Center, and our restaurant of choice then was always North Park Noodle House. We would order food good for 4 people, and we would finish everything! No wonder we were both overweight then! LOL!

Last Saturday, when we went to Glorietta Mall, we decided we’d try North Park at Glorietta 5. We paid a little more than Php600.00 for what we ordered, not bad!

Lapu-lapu Fillet w/ Soft Tofu, Php268.00

Nanking Beef & Wanton, Php118.00

Pinsec Frito (fried triangular meat dumplings), Php109.00 (8 pieces)

Yang Chow Fried Rice, Php138.00

On a scale of 1 to 5, I’d give them a 4 for presentation. The Nanking Beef & Wanton was okay, according to my husband; we actually bought it for Justin. The Lapu-lapu Fish Fillet was a little bit salty, though. Plain rice would have been a better complement for that hot pot dish than Yang Chow Fried Rice because the rich flavors of the Lapu-lapu Fish Fillet and Yang Chow overpowered each other. Their Pinsec Frito was so-so. For their food taste and quality, I’d give North Park a rating of 3.

7 pensive thought/s:

I like their Nanking Beef & Wanton. I would also give them a rating of 3 for some dishes. North Park G5, that's where I met up with Chris for Mommy Moments, sayang mommy hindi ka nakapunta :)


I like their Lechong Macau serve with pickled radish and their distinct sauce. I never missed to order that although Im watching my diet. (LOL) Its so crispy and yummy! I just hope they put a branch here in Paseo de Sta Rosa or Nuvali.


I wonder if they have a branch in Davao....para matikman....the pics make me drool.


maybe I should try North Park too.. kaya lang parang wala malapit na branch dito..


wow, sarap naman ng mga pagkain mo dito, Tetcha...nakakagutom :-)


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