Friday, June 18, 2010

mommy moments

It's daddies' time to shine here at Mommy Moments! Advance Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

My husband wants us to have a good life. We both came from poor families, so we never inherited anything from our parents. We had to start from scratch. That’s why my husband works really hard to provide for our financial needs. He has a stressful job, and I know that his way of de-stressing is playing chess online and watching live chess tournaments on the Internet when he goes home after work. Sometimes, when he becomes too engrossed in what he’s doing, he unmindfully forgets there are people around him that need his attention, too. Justin wouldn’t let him get away with it, however, because he will surely find a way for his daddy to notice him. Smart kid, huh?

Their bonding times consist of watching DVDs, playing online games, going to the mall,playing arcade games, eating out, buying toys, or roughhousing. The photos below capture some of their father-son bonding activities.

Enjoying the playground swing

Riding a bumper boat

Strolling in the mall

Playing arcade games

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Sobrang playful din pala si Daddy!!Buti na lang pag medyo pagod sa kalalaro kay Mommy nandyan si Daddy anytime^_^

Hppy Father's Day to your husband,Mommy Tetcha!!


What matters most...quality time! “Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad...” Glad you found that special one!


children really are smart and they will find a way to get our attention...


Para sa akin, stressful din ata ang chess...hehehe. Anyway, looks like they always have fun when they're together. ; )


i simply love the bumper boat pic.. thanks for sharing! happy father's day to your hubby..


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