Saturday, June 26, 2010

Last Wednesday, five days after Nanay’s first follow-up checkup post-surgery, I received a call from Tatay about Nanay’s inflamed wounds in her lower left leg. These were the two cuts in her lower left leg where some of the blood vessels that were grafted to her heart arteries during her CABG were taken. Tatay earlier called Nanay’s heart surgeon to inform him of this recent development. Dr. C. said he wanted to see Nanay right away, so we all made an urgent visit to Dr. C.’s clinic to have Nanay’s wounds checked.

Dr. C said he’s not really worried about the inflamed cuts. He simply prescribed low-dose antibiotics for 7 days and said he needed to see Nanay weekly until all of her wounds are healed. We’ll be back again to his clinic next Saturday.

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