Saturday, September 25, 2010

My four-year-old son and I arrived to school early last Friday, so he had time to play with his friends before classes started. Normally, I would walk him to his classroom and he would give me a kiss on the cheek before he joins his classmates inside.

That particular day, however, was different. My son told me, “Mommy, I’ll go to my classroom on my own. You just stay here, Mommy.” Because this is the first time I was hearing this from my son, I asked him again, “Are you sure?” to which he replied, “Yes!”

Ouch! That hurt! Just when did he start not needing Mommy?

I asked him later that day if his teachers talked to him about going to the classroom without Mommy. He said, “Yes, you don’t have to walk me to my classroom anymore because I’m a big boy now.”

I said okay, but that still hurt!

4 pensive thought/s:

Sign of independence...I should prepare myself for that too when the time comes...


me too wahhh but anyway we just cant hold them to whatever they are before but I hope lol sana maging bata ulit sila


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