Thursday, September 30, 2010

mommy moments

I didn’t think I would be able to join Mommy Moments this week because nobody in our family has a jump shot yet. But I don't give up easily, so I tried and tried taking jump shots of my son after we attended the Sandalias Festival 2010 at Trinoma last Sunday.

Our first attempt at our building lobby

Another try!



I know, I know, that wasn’t really much of a jump shot, but hey, my four-year-old can’t jump high yet, so this will do for now.

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9 pensive thought/s:

that's high enough for a four year old boy.. ang cute nga eh, napa smile ako sa second pic.. ready talaga sa jump shot.. i'll post mine later or tomorrow, will look for jump shot muna.. =)


hi tetcha

i also did the same with my kids! hahaha.....

wala rin kaming mga jumpshots but watch pag labas ng entry ko bukas. thursday pa kasi dito :-(


I am smiling browsing through the pictures and I imagine how many times you have to try to make it for this weeks theme...However, it was a job well done! cutie pic!


hahaha! nice! si EThan ko dn ang hirap huliin ng talon,,,buti si Ate nahuli ko....pero alam mo its not high position lng ako when I am taking it kasi para ung angle ay mukhang mataas ang talon =)
hihihi thnks fr the visit =)


What a cutie. I wish I could get my daughter to jump with both feet leaving the ground. She seems to fear leaving this earth! My son however would rather jump than walk. You have a great blog. I found it when I was searching for "night sweats in children." Glad to know I'm not alone worrying about the fact my son wakes up drenched in sweat every morning. Keep up the great blog!


hahaha!that was fun... i think that will do for now, hahaha!


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