Thursday, September 2, 2010

mommy moments

I actually found it hard to look for photos for this week’s theme or even to write about it. The thing is whatever we own right now will ultimately go to our son because he’s an only child. Don’t get me wrong, though; we’re not rich and my son won’t inherit riches from us someday, although I’m sure all parents would like to leave their children a fortune because we all want our children to live comfortable lives.

If there’s one tangible “pamana” my husband will give to Justin, that will be his collection of VCDs and DVDs. Hubby has accumulated quite a number already, and his collection is still growing. My son is quite fond of watching movies at home, too, so I guess he’ll be more than happy to receive those VCDs and DVDs from his Dad someday.

Hubby’s growing collection of VCDs and DVDs

Material things aside, we would like to leave our son something he can be proud of. Who was it that said that “the greatest inheritance we can leave our children is a good name.” We want our son to hear from other people how his parents never cheated or maltreated anyone and never stepped on anyone’s toes. So yes, that will be Justin’s greatest inheritance from us.

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You're early for MM. I also do not have material things to leave my kiddo, and I'm still thinking of how to break it to him so to speak :)


Tetcha!!! YOU WON my fro-yo raffle!!! na-surprise ako when your name was on top! Swerte ka talaga!

Dami DVD,like my hubby, thousands na grabe!!!
Here's my pamana naman, collected over three decades!

My vintage Sanrio


Ooh wow.. nice.. that's a lot Te Tetcha! Thanks for sharing..


that's a huge collection of VCDs/DVDs!! and I agree with out about the "good name" thing. Happy weekend, mommy! :)


i didn't think about that till you mention it, Tetcha....i agree that is one more intangible thing we can give to our a chaste life.


yup I agree--having a good name is the only legacy that we can leave to our children.

Thanks for dropping by,Mommy Tetcha!Enjoy your weekend!^_^


Hubby's DVD collection is now on storage and I don't think my boys will be interested to own it in the future. :)


hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog, but my mommy moment entry is here:

You have quite a collection there...


hi tetcha, thanks for the visit on Mommy Moments. I'm returning the favour.

I'm impressed with your collection. And your storage idea. We fast running out of space with our DVDs. Maybe it's time to nudge hubby to do some DIY, lol.


I hear you sis, we should pass the good values we learned to our children. It's priceless. Those DVDs are great heirloom too. His kids will be fond of watching your hubby's fave movies.

Have a great weekend!

My Mommy Moments post here


wow! very impressive collection. you are right, 'good name' is a great legacy to pass on to your kid. let him live with pride for what he has and where e came from. nice post!


Yes, a good name is rather to be chosen than riches and gold. That is indeed a great heritage.


you are right.. a good name is priceless and can never be compared to any other! happy mommy moments!


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