Saturday, September 18, 2010

My son has a new toy. Nope, it’s not a newly bought toy, but “new” because my son managed to create something new from his old toys. The battery-operated cowboy/horse toy was a gift from one of his godmothers that he received on his first birthday. I still haven’t disposed of it yet because he still likes it.

Two nights ago, while I was still working, Justin found a way to keep himself busy with his cowboy/horse toy and his drum set’s foot pedal. He asked his yaya (babysitter) to tie the string of the foot pedal around his cowboy/horse toy, so the horse can drag the foot pedal. He made the horse run back and forth while pulling the foot pedal slowly along from place to place. He was having so much fun with his “creation” and even telling the horse these words: “Go horse; you can do it!”

What’s good with kids is they never run out of ideas to keep themselves entertained. When they get bored, they find or “create” new and exciting things to amuse them, just like what my son did. What about you? What ingenuous “creations” have your kids came up with recently?

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ingenious, indeed! my little girl hooked up her barbie on an old toy bike we bought for fifty pesos, saving me pesos. kids talaga kakatuwa:)
have a great weekend


Kids are really good at entertaining themselves. They can make a toy out of anything. Us adults should take a page from them :)


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