Friday, June 19, 2009

mommy moments

When Justin grows up, he will be proud to know that his Daddy was able to obtain an MBA degree while working full-time. He also graduated with honors, having been named one of the silver medalists in his class.

Getting ready to graduate

After the ceremony

Justin also couldn’t have asked for a better father as his Daddy’s priority is his family. Justin’s Daddy spends quality time with him and wants only the best for his son.

A special father-and-son bonding moment

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Justin will absolutely look up to his fathers. Im sure he is proud and lucky to have a wonderful father and a loving mommy. Happy mommy moments tetcha


very nice photos, tetcha :-); thanks for sharing...happy father's day to your hubby!


That's something for your son to be proud of indeed. An MBA is not a joke. That's my first choice in gradschool but I backed off even before I had a look at course descriptions. Now I kinda regretted not pursuing it. But well, it seems to be a man thing :), besides, I didn't want to compete with my ex. Thank you for the lovely comment at my MM post. Have a great weekend with your family!


That's indeed something to be proud of. Happy Father's Day to your husband Mommy. HAve a wonderful weekend!


Justin will be proud to have a dad like your hubby, and a mom like you ; )


and congrats, too for achieving his goal to have MBA...great job Daddy of Justin...he sure will be proud of his dad!


you have a very intelligent hubby. Justin will be proud of him and will someday surely say "That's My Dad!"

Happy Father's Day to your hubby!


Wow! galing galing naman! Justin will sure be proud of his dad! Congrats to your hubby and advance happy father's day also to him.


Congratulations to your hardworking husband and Happy Father's Day too.


Proud Justin for havin' a smart dad, an achievement that Justin will going to look up to for his dad.Congrats to your hubby Mommy Tetch & Happy fathers day to him!Hugs!


congratulations to your hubby and belated happy father's day! looks like he really is enjoying time with baby :) thanks for the visit!


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