Thursday, June 25, 2009

mommy moments

Just in case I won’t have Internet connection for the rest of the day and until tomorrow, I’m posting my entry now using my phone as modem while I still have cell phone load.

Because Justin enjoyed his five-week summer class and he’s the right age, we enrolled him in nursery for this school year. Classes in their school officially started last June 17, and I say I’m one excited mom! I made my mornings less hectic so I can accompany him to and from school, which is very near our place, by the way.

He’s just been attending class for a week now because classes for preschool were suspended yesterday and today due to typhoon Feria. He’s actually getting bored just staying in the house and playing. I really think he missed school.

Justin is still quite clingy, but last Tuesday, I left his classroom to be with the other parents waiting at the lounge for their children. He cried a little, but he soon forgot about mommy as soon as I was out of his sight. He was even grinning widely when their class was dismissed. “Did you cry?” I asked him. “No,” he said, but he did.

He still actively participates in all their classroom activities, but I noticed he gets distracted and a little bit bored sometimes probably because they now have a three-hour class as against their two-hour summer class last May. He’s gotten a little bit more complacent, too, that he sometimes doesn’t listen to his teachers (two teachers are assigned per classroom) like when he’s asked to lie down on the mat during rest time. He doesn’t want to rest; he wants to play after recess.

Justin during play time

Justin doing “Ring around the Rosie” with his classmates

Justin proudly wearing his school shirt

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hi Tetcha! :) He seems to be real happy in his school.. thanks for posting early and always being a part of Mommy Moments..

by the way, please join us at


He seems really enjoying his schooling. Sana hanggang college :)

God Bless to your son.


ang bilis lumaki ni justin :D

btw, you have a tag from me :D


It's a joy to have our kids blending in well at school. Justin's pics show. Happy Friday.


He is so cute,and I think he's enjoying the activities and play time.
Have a wonderful weekend =)


Can't wait till my children goes to school.. For my entry, i featured my nieces here

Your son seems to love his school days..


It looks like he's really enjoying his school. Happy weekend Mommy!


mukhang na enjoy nya ang summer class, for sure mas lalong excited sya to go to a bigger school. :)


ang cute ni justin. he looks like he really enjoy being at school. can't wait my son going to school next year.:))


he's so cute. seems he's enjoying school. happy mommy moments!


He's a happy nursery boy. Wish him the best for his new class. Have a good weekend :)


wow, parang kailan lang eh umiiyak pa si justin pagpasok sa school; now ang laki na at mukhang enjoy na enjoy siya sa school niya...great job tetcha....mine is here


He seems enjoying the day in school.I remember the very first time I brought my eldest to school mas naexcite yata ako kesa dun sa papasok eh hehe.Happy weekend.Btw hindi ko pa naipost yung regalo mosa kin hehe.But promise to do it soon.Grin!Hugs!


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