Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Because I wasn’t feeling well (emotionally, that is), last Saturday, having just underwent MRI of the brain that morning and because I had a tiff with my husband the previous night, I badly needed to boost my deflated ego by buying something nice for myself. I really had no idea what to buy until I saw Happy Feet Sandals’ Buy 1 Take 1 promo.

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t buy a pair of these wooden sandals because of the price. Anything above Php1,000.00 for personal stuff is already costly for me. But, hey, I was getting two for the price of one! So that means I was just going to pay Php750.00 for each pair. I got two pairs of the same style but different colors (aqua blue and fuchsia). Aren’t they lovely?

Because these wooden sandals are quite popular here in the Philippines, I also did my research to find out what the hype is all about. I went to Happy Feet Sandals’ website (happyfeetsandals.com), and here’s what I discovered.

History of Happy Feet Sandals
A young Filipino banker who was living in Germany in the late 60s and his wife took one of their daughters to an orthopedic surgeon to have her pigeon toes and knocked knees checked. The doctor recommended she wore wooden orthopedic sandals and hard plastic sole inserts. In less than a year, her pigeon toes and knocked knees were corrected. The daughter also said that the wooden sandals were comfortable to walk in.

This gave the Filipino banker an idea. After he returned to the Philippines in mid-70s and with the help of his friends, he founded Happy Feet. Happy Feet wooden sandals became a hit among college students because of their unisex style, amazing comfort, and interchangeable straps. Happy Feet sandals were re-launched in 2002 to cater to a whole new generation of Filipinos.

Benefits of Using Happy Feet Sandals after Sports
1. They massage tired foot muscles for faster recovery.
2. They support arch, ball, and heel to take pressure off these vital parts.
3. They alternately stretch and relax sole and calf muscles while walking to cool down muscles.

So, what do you think, is Happy Feet a good buy?

10 pensive thought/s:

i'm a happy feet fan mommy tetcha! where and until when is the sale?

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Haven't tried Happy Feet yet. Maybe I'll check out some pairs when I go home because of the good benefits you have just shared. Thanks for this info, sis:)


When I was in high school in the late 70's, Berkemann and Happy Feet were the "in" sandals among us girls :)


It does sound interesting, I will check it out when I return to the Philippines :)


Therapeutic that's why I love it too. Their buy 1 take 1 promo has always been famous. It's a good buy mommy, you deserve it :)


You can also send photos to my email addess


hello! i really love happy feet but the problem is i cant find a store here in cebu.. can u help me?


I am from Holland, Europe and I am looking for persons that can tell me something about the HappyFeet sandals from the Phlippines. I want to buy a pair because I love wooden sandals. I have seen the website of Happy Feet but they show no details. Do you have any experience with them? I yes may I ask you some questions? If no: Do you know other people maybe a friend or so, that wear them?
Kind regards



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