Friday, April 30, 2010

mommy moments

The theme for this week’s Mommy Moments is “Blue,” pictures of our kids with anything blue. Here are pictures of my son wearing blue and some of his blue toys, too.

At Globe Center, Robinsons Galleria

In his blue raincoat

Wearing blue Chinese costume

Riding his blue pony

Another blue toy: Thomas the Tank Engine

Click on the badge above to see more blue kiddie stuff.

20 pensive thought/s:

Bakit kaya walang blue's clues hehehe, mucho gwapito talaga anak mo ate hehehe..


Lots of blue here :-); Justin looks cuter on blue...i remember when my son was Justine's age, he loves Thomas and his friends...too!


So cute! With baby boy - a blue topic isn't difficult. Imagine all those stuff in pink... ;)


Nice, last week's fave was Jollibee, now its Thomas' week. Luv the pic riding on his pony!


I remember Thomas and the other blue train..Gordon :P Thanks for the earlier visit :)


your son looks so cute with his chinese custom ate tetcha...

please check out my entry too:

My Mini Me in Blue

Thanks and take care


Thomas is popular today in MM ; ) He looks adorable, especially in that blue CHinese costume.


Love din pala ni Justine si Thomas, Kendrick have a train too but that track is not that long. :)


Cute little pony and he looks good in that Chinese costume.
Nice new layout btw ;)


he is soooo cute. I like his smile in the 2nd pic :)


hi tetcha, blog hopping mood na akow! hehehe, I like the blue chinese outfit :) So glad to be here.


wow! nice rain coat! love it! nice post.. thanks for sharing..


wow! i love that blue rain coat! nice post.. thanks for sharing..


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