Saturday, April 24, 2010

The other day before Justin went to summer class, he asked me this question.

Justin: Mommy, what is a “bruha”?

Mommy: “Bruha” is the Tagalog word for “witch.” When Mommy is mad, she becomes a “bruha.”

Later that night when I was giving him a shower and I was getting short-tempered because of his delaying tactics, he looked at my face and asked.

Justin: Are you going to be a “bruha,” Mommy?

Mommy: (Laughing now). Yes, so you better hurry!

5 pensive thought/s:

What a smart lil man. Kaya we have to be careful with what we teach kasi binabalik sa atin nga mga anak natin. Kaliit liit ang talino heheh.


haha. so he remembered the word. one word at a time then he'll have collected a few useful vocabulary.
have a good weekend.


hahahahaha, I used that word whenever my daughter refuses to comb her hair ate.. I always tell her that she looks like a bruha actually i call her bruhilda lol..


I love you Justin for being so smart... Be careful, Mommy, hehehe!


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