Thursday, April 15, 2010

mommy moments

This week’s Mommy Moments’ theme is “Yellow,” a picture of our kids with anything yellow. I realized after rummaging through my son’s closet and toy box that he only has a few yellow possessions. I should buy him more yellow shirts because yellow looks good on him. It’s one of his lucky colors, too; that’s according to a friend who consulted a feng shui expert.

My sunburned son wearing yellow shirt and yellow baseball cap with his yellow stuffed toys

The rest of Justin’s yellow toys

Click on the badge above to see more yellow stuff.

15 pensive thought/s:

ang aga girl sa post mo ah hehehe, tomorrow pa ako mag post hehehe have a happy mommy moments hehehe


naku, looks nice on the little guy. yellow is my new favorite color too :)


I agree that yellow looks good on your boy! love his collections!



yes mommy dear, lucky color ang yellow and it looks good to your lil boy.. Neutral color pa so pwedi din sa next girl mo dba. AKo din i should buy more yellow stuffs since spring naman at magsusummer na..

Have a nice weekend mommy dear =)


You have a serious engineer in the making there.

You may find my Mommy Moments at Nostalgic Marveling, have a happy weekend!


I also have a few yellow things and clothes for my son. yellow is nice on your son.
Here's My Entry


Yes, yellow looks good on him. Yellow is a stimulating color, so it's good for toys too.
Have a good weekend :)


Aori has a spongebob shirt too :) Those are a lot of yellow toys :)


All time favorite talaga si spongebob. Dami yellow collection ni bunsoy mo sis. :)


I like how you presented his toys, its very soothing to the eyes. Yellow is a joyful color.


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