Monday, April 26, 2010

Finally, Pensive Thoughts has a new look! After almost two years of active blogging, my website received a wonderful makeover courtesy of Kaye, the blog designer extraordinaire! This new template has been ready for installation since last week, but a family emergency came up, and I’ve been sidetracked.

Just a brief backgrounder, I wanted my blog to look cool, clean, and organized. This new template definitely achieved those objectives, and I couldn’t be happier! I also think the girl in my header, who looks like me, captures the essence of “Pensive Thoughts,” which is reflective (not sad) thinking. I’m so loving my new button and siggy, too!

I needed something to make me smile today because my Nanay will be admitted to the Philippine Heart Center tomorrow for a coronary angiogram. Seeing my lovely customized template really boosts me up. Thanks so much, Kaye!

10 pensive thought/s:

I love your new theme Tetcha!! I hope your Nanay's operation goes well.I'll have her in my thoughts.


wow sobrang ganda mommy! i also love it cause its neat and clean!


Hi! I'm here via kaye's YM plug of your new layout. I love it! Grabbed your button and added it to my collection, hihi! i hope you can grab mine too!

Hope everything turns out well for your mom...


I love the new look tetcha pati comment box panalo. Btw, got tag for you here


wow sis nice talaga ng new template mo:)love it! How's your mom? hope she's fine and well:)


Oh this blog is so pretty. Which reminds me to finalize my dealings with ms Kaye also.
Sending our best and prayers to your mom. Hope she's better soon.

I'll grab your button, mommy ha? :)


Congrats on the new look. I'm also loving it Kaye did a great job. By the way, hope your Nanay will get well soon...


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