Thursday, September 24, 2009

mommy moments

Can you believe it’s already the last Friday of September? This week’s Mommy Moments theme is “That’s My Favorite,” photos of your kids with any favorite. I’m posting my entry early because I intend to work tonight, and I might not be able to do this later, so here goes…

Justin’s first love is Barney. He learned his first nursery rhymes from watching Barney VCDs and DVDs. Look how he’s swarmed with Barney things in the photo below.

Then, Justin learned about Thomas, the tank engine, and he got hooked. In the next photo, Justin and his current favorite cousin, Ate Ayie, are busy forming Justin’s Talk ‘N Action Magic Rail Set, which his Daddy bought for him.

Last but not least, Justin’s favorite thing to do after Mommy is done with work is to take over the computer and play online games or watch his favorite characters on YouTube.

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momi tetcha, sorry for that grandparents day comment fiasco....don't kill me ha!!

anyways, my bebe also loves barney, she can't sleep without barney and pooh.... and everyday she watches it on TV.

what is it kaya about this purple dinosaur??

mine will be up in a jiffy.


kids love toys talaga! at mukhang maraming may gusto kay barney ha :)

happy mommy moments! mine's up na rin :)


Good thing Justin is starting to be computer literate at an early age. He will need that in the future. Happy weekend, Mommy!


Oh wow, my kids love barney so much hehehe,... we have a lot of barney movies here..

I love his last pic, so cute..

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naku si barney tlga :D fave din sya ni yena haha

laki na pla ni justin mo!! pogi pa!


My son loves to sing Barney song along with his cousins when he was young. He's also fond of Thomas and Friends before but he's growing and his likes are also changing. He's currently into collecting Ben 10 and Transformers.
Mine is up Mmy Tetcha!


Oh it's a huggable Barney, lucky Justin!
Evan had his time with Barney too years ago, he only got a small "sing & wiggle Barney" though. He quickly turned to Thomas.

Happy weekend :)


he is going to be like his you; blogging is going to be his fave past time :-); nice pictures, tech, thanks for sharing!


oh my..fave pala nya si barney...hehehhee....mukhang mas malaki pa kay justin si barney....:)


Ang laki na mn ng barney mo Justin pahiram naman kay baby jake at baby justine ko hehehe. The future computer programmer/cellphone technician hehehe.

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Kyla loves Barney... she still watches it from time to time while Toby loves Thomas! :D


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