Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My sister Meann and I went to Makati Medical Center last Saturday for our Ob/Gyn appointment. We both had breast exam and Pap smear. Our breast exam turned out okay, and our Pap smear results will not be out till Thursday or Friday this week. As part of her fertility workup, my sister had to undergo transvaginal ultrasound, too. She will also go back to the doctor this week for a followup checkup and for the interpretation of the result of her ultrasound.

As for me, the doctor asked me if I plan on having another child, and I said no. That’s because I don’t know how long I’ll be taking medication for the regulation of my prolactin hormone. I have a history of prolactinoma, excessive production of prolactin hormone from the pituitary gland, for which I had to undergo open-head surgery for the excision of pituitary tumor in 2004.

She checked my record and gave me a list of things I have to do this year. She said I need to do all of these things, and then I’ll be okay.
Cervical cancer vaccine (3 shots at Php2,500.00 each) = Php7,500.00
Hepatitis B vaccine = 1,800.00
Tetanus vaccine booster = 1,500.00
Screening mammography = 2,300.00
TOTAL =Php13,100.00

Whoa! I didn’t know it costs a lot to be okay! I need more writing opportunities, please!

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maybe that's a small price to pay than cure, Mommy =)

i am thinking of getting CCV this year as well. i just turned 30


expensive isnt it?

i got a tag for you http://www.chrischronicles.com/easter-basket-blog-hop/


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