Monday, March 15, 2010

As promised, I’ve uploaded here the two videos of Justin performing in their Beauty and the Beast production and in their finale number for their graduation day.

That’s my son on the platform in the far right corner. He portrayed the role of Salt, one of the enchanted objects in the castle. He’s the one wearing the “S” headdress.

Justin is the second boy from the right; he’s beside his taller classmate Diego.

I’ve already mentioned in one of my previous Mommy Moments’ post that Justin is a born performer. He loves singing and dancing, and he enjoys taking part in their school production. Their Christmas production is a good proof of his love of performing and showcasing his talents.

2 pensive thought/s:

how cute! i always love watching little children performing on stage. wow, he's a total performer!


oh my gosh...he is so cute on his hat....hehhehe...thanks for sharing the vid te...:)


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