Monday, March 1, 2010

In my previous place of employment, I had friends and officemates who had been blacklisted by credit card companies because they had been remiss in settling their financial obligations. They couldn’t apply for new credit cards anymore because of their poor credit history. But that’s already a thing of the past. Now, it’s possible for them to have new credit cards. All they have to do is apply for bad credit credit cards. These are credit cards for people with bad credit or those with no credit history.

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bad credit car loans i agree with you that it's just a thing of the past because nowadays you can find credit card companies and even lending companies that offer loans and credit cards to people with bad credit.


Totally agreed. Just about all credit card companies these days have some sort of program for people that have bad credit and need to overcome that obstacle. After all, in today's society - it's very hard to live without access to credit.


Thank you for this very informative article of yours. You have explained everything well. I appreciate that you shared this to us.

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