Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kids don’t need expensive toys to show their creative and skilful side. Children can be enterprising when the situation calls for it, that is, ordinary things in the house can be their playthings, too. All it takes is just a little imagination. That’s what I learned after watching my son play on two separate occasions.

His Daddy’s slippers make for great borders, too!

He makes believe that the hanger is a crane lifting his police car up, just like Cranky in Thomas & Friends.

What about your kids? Are there items in your homes that they consider as playthings, too?

1 pensive thought/s:

When I was a kid I had a matchbox car collection that was the envy of the neighborhood, my favorite toy was a cheep wooden car with couple of plastic wheels slapped on.
So the price of the toy doesn't really matter to a kid.


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