Monday, November 30, 2009

Justin’s school held its second Parent-Teacher Conference for this school year last Friday. I was glad that I was able to persuade (a.k.a. coerce) Justin’s dad to go with me to meet Justin's teachers and discuss our son's progress in school. He was late, though, because aside from walking from his office to Justin’s school for 10 minutes, he also waited for us at the lobby of our condo building when Justin and I were already in school. I couldn’t call him because I was already inside Justin’s classroom talking with his teachers. LOL! Our appointment time was 9:15am; my husband arrived a few minutes late.

According to his teachers, Justin can now work with minimum supervision. The teachers will just give him instructions on what he needs to do, and he can be left to finish the task on his own. He is also the only one in his class who can write his first name without any of his two teachers guiding his right hand. Our son really made us proud that day.

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Congratulations! It is good to know that Justin is doing great in school. :)


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