Thursday, November 19, 2009

mommy moments

Justin is quite a picky eater. I think he takes that after his Daddy and his grandfather on his Daddy’s side. Like most kids, he has his favorite treats, too, which include pizza, ice cream, spaghetti, french fries, and Auntie Anne’s pretzel. Too bad, I wasn’t able to take a picture of him eating pizza, specifically Chef d’Angelo’s Four Cheese Deluxe.

I just love seeing my son enjoying his food. I guess all moms are like that, huh?

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my bebe loves spaghetti too, like your Justin she can finish one big bowl just by herself (she's only 21 months now ha).

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hmm, sarap ng kainan! spaghetti you like?

kamusta na Mommy?


sarap naman ng mga kinakain ni justin momi tetch. naku, c sam, ang apples and bananas nya pakonti-konti lang. tapos iluluwa na pagkatapos. gusto lang nya sipsipin ang juice. :D


Mukhang magana namang kumain si Justin kahit na picky eater sya.And like you I just love seeing my kiddos enjoying their food too.Kaya lang dito sa Japan as much as possible parents have to avoid kiddos for being picky eater,so baby pa lang talagang sinasanay na dahil sila rin ang mahihirapan when they start going to gradeschool.
Happy weekend Mommy!Hugs to cutey Justin ang laki na nya.


Ah pizza, ice cream, spaghetti and french fries, seems our kids share the same favorite food :)


well, at least if you look on the bright side, in the near future if Justin decided to migrate in western country, wala syang problema adjusting to their eating habit bec all his favorite food is all-american food. :)


Galing ng mga type na pagkain ni Justin ahh, parang gusto rin ni jake ng mga ganoon. Sarap ng kain ni Justin parang fiesta hehehe


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