Thursday, November 5, 2009

mommy moments

The photos below were taken last October 31 at Festival Mall. We bought dirty ice cream from a Mamang Sorbetero (dirty ice cream vendor) inside the mall. Justin was fascinated by the bell that the vendor was using to attract customers, so mommy borrowed it for him. I told him to shake it hard so more people would buy ice cream. My son was too excited to do as told, so for one day, he experienced how it is to be a Mamang Sorbetero.

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This is one cool activity for Justin. I am sure he enjoyed it ;)


very cute, little mamang sorbetero, tetcha :-)! sigurado mauubos yng tinda niyang ice cream!


Must be a fun experience for Justin, he looks really enjoy it.


he don't care if some people think that being an ice cream vendor is such a lowly job, bec for him, it's the best thing in the world and he's having so much fun just to experienced it. :)


pretending to be mamang sorbetero pala si justin... i miss dirty ice cream.. pabili po!!!


hehheh..ang cute namn ni dodong sorbetero!

good day! Happy MM!


Justin is so cute...I like the first pic love the way he smile =) nakaka-wala ng pagod!!


Parang totoo ahhh, siguro naman ang daming bumibili dahil ang cute ng nag iindorso.


Justin seemed he enjoyed pretending being a Mamang Sorbetero in here.Look at that big grin on his beaming face:D
Naalala ko tuloy yung kanta nung kapanahunan ko "Mamang Sorbetero" by Celeste Legaspi hehe.
Thanks for the visit Mommy!:D


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