Thursday, November 5, 2009

In a time of economic crisis, we should all be extremely careful where we invest our hard-earned money. We should do a background check on the business we want to join so as not be sorry in the end. We also need to do our research if the business is viable or not. Most importantly, we should find out if the business has protection against declines, such as when the stock market crashes or when the value of the dollar weakens.

But is there such a thing as a right investment these days? Yes, there is. Try adding gold to your investment portfolio. Did you know that in times of war, inflation, and budget deficits, the price of gold increases, while prices of stocks and other paper investments go down? Investing in gold will enhance your portfolio returns and lessen volatility. You can invest in gold directly (through bullion or coin ownership) or indirectly (through certificates, accounts, shares, etc.).

I sure would love to own at least one gold coin and gold bullion. By the time my grandchildren are born, my investment would have more than tripled in value. Gold coins would make for a good inheritance, don’t you think?

1 pensive thought/s: of your spend after 24 hours
Security-Investment is a High Yield Investment Program run by a group of investment professionals, We are backed up by Forex market trading, Financial market betting, Sports arbitrage wagers and various other investments in online and offline funds. We are well diversified to provide our members with very safe return of 1000%-9000% after 24 hours You can think of this as a longterm secure investment pool.
Our program is a fully automated; meaning referral payouts, deposits, withdraws made automatic. Interest payouts are scheduled to be done one time during day, and will be made directly to your Liberty Reserve account.. Payments will be made 7 days per week.
Invested amount 24 hours profit
$300 - $1000 1000% of your spend after 24 hours
$1100 - $5000 2000% of your spend after 24 hours
$5100 - $10000 4000% of your spend after 24 hours
$10100 - $30000 6000% of your spend after 24 hours
$30100 or more 9000% of your spend after 24 hours

I deposited $6,000 and Received $240,000 Liberty Reserve money in 24 hours
Date: 2009-11-30 16:21
Batch: 237876XX
From Account: U6526268 (
Amount: $240,000.00
Memo: LibertyreserveInvesting

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