Thursday, November 26, 2009

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Parents should give their children tasks to do so they learn to become responsible. The results of a study conducted by the University of Minnesota showed that children who performed housework had better feelings of responsibility and self-worth years later. Children who feel good about themselves are more respectful of others.

Even if my son is only 3 years and 4 months old, he already knows how to put away his toys, but he does this only when he’s in a good mood. LOL! There are two household chores, though, that he would do anytime: dusting and sweeping the floor.

Does your kid enjoy doing housework, too?

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Unfortunately my kids like the housework as much as I do...



yeah.. my kids love to sweep the floor too...

happy mommy moments!


great job training Justine to be a responsible kid :-)! i am sure he will be a good kid because of his goodly parents :-)!


Kudos on teaching your boy to help out. I've had very little success with this thus far, lol. Not about to give up though. :) Sure, re link ex. Adding yours now!


so sweet of him!!! when my boys are way too young and they try to sweep the floor, I have to be on the lookout because they might find something on the floor that will end up to ther tummy. (^_^)


Keeping toys is always a good introduction to household chores. I did that with Evan too. As for other housework he prefers mopping than sweeping, maybe because he can play with water at the same time :)


Justin is so adorable with the duster and broom. I very much agree that kids should be taught kaagad on how to be responsible. By the way mommy, thank you for the birthday greeting :D


wow naman.. ang super bait ng anak mo Tet. The same with my kids when they were still young I started teaching them to be responsible. My little boy now knows where to put his dirty clothes and keeps his room clean. I am glad my daughter too is always helping me out in some works in the kitchen.


mukang nag enjoy si Justin mag sweep ng floor nakaka aliw tignan ang pictures nya..Cute :)


awwww ang bait naman! he looks so cute doing his chores! good job!


cute naman ng little helper mo te...sing edad lang pala sila ni Akesha.....great job for raising him like that...sana nga d sila mag bago pag lumaki na ano...hehehe!

akesha is a great helper too....:) mine is up as well:


I agree Mommy Tetcha, for my kids experiencing it now specially my eldest & 'm really glad I did taught them at their very young age.Great job for training Justin habang bata pa sya.I'm sure he'll be very responsible in everything he do when he grow up.
Btw,thanks for the visit Mommy & I'm home safe & sound.Hugs!


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