Friday, November 12, 2010

mommy moments

My son’s favorite color changes every time. Before, he said he likes purple, black, white and yellow. Now, he says his favorite colors are orange and blue.

Because orange is a recent favorite, he doesn’t really have many orange things yet. All I can think of right now are his orange polo shirt and orange rubber shoes that he wore at the Smart Parenting Model Search last October 10 and that he wore again during Sati’s first birthday celebration last Saturday after he won the best pirate costume.

At the Smart Parenting Model Search 2010

At Sati’s first birthday celebration after winning the best pirate costume

Now, I don’t make him wear blue shirts anymore ever since a mommy friend in school (the mom of one of his classmates) gave me a paper that listed the good and bad colors for my son based on his birth date. That’s feng shui, yes!

Because my son’s birth element is fire, the following colors are good for him: red, pink, orange, yellow and green. He should avoid any shades of blue, however, especially when he’s sick.

There’s no harm in following this, so that’s what I’m doing, buying him shirts of different colors, except blue. He has lots of blue toys, though, some of which I’ve saved for next week’s Mommy Moments’ theme.

His collection of Thomas, Gordon and Edward trains

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oh he's cute and adorable! well there's nothing wrong of following those beliefs! It's okay as long as you and your son is happy. Nice choices of color. Take care


Good thing you are still having fun choosing clothes for him! When all I had were boys, I just get them those with prints of latest cartoon movies or whatever. Now that I have a girl, I love pink and blue and purple on her. But I only found out about birth elements and colors from here and I think I want to find out more :)


oh, how sad to shun blue colors for the boy, well, walang masamang sundin ang feng shui. orange suits him well, though, maganda kz skin color nia.

also, bagay na bagay sa knya un pirate costume nia (jollibee party?)


Hi! following you now



that's ok to follow the feng shui.. alala ko pirate costume niya.. so nice!


yes, i agree. He looks really good in orange. I wish I know feng shui too!


wala namang masama kung susubdib mo ang mga beliefs, wala naman maawawala kung ittry mo hindi, ang importante happy ka at ang anak mo.


he does look good in orange mommy tetcha. and obviously boy love blue kasin ang mga nanay blue pinasusuot nung baby pa hehehe


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ohh, that's interesting! and you're right, there's no harm in following such things. but he looks really nice in orange, lol


i think boys are not really very concerned with what color they wear... unlike girls who are fashion conscious even at an early age! :D


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