Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I’ve been using a desktop computer at home for more than two years until that desktop computer retired last year. Even before that desktop computer breathed its last, hubby was already bent on buying a laptop to replace the old and slow desktop computer that I’m using for work.

I wasn’t too keen on purchasing a laptop at first for two reasons: (1) Laptops are expensive; and (2) Adjustment in using a laptop takes time. Hubby would have to shoulder the cost of a new laptop because it was his idea to buy it in the first place, so that’s one load off my back. LOL! I also had a hard time adjusting to the different placement of some computer keys on the laptop, but I soon got the hang of it.

I’m loving my laptop now. I said “my” because the first laptop that hubby bought was solely for my own use. He bought a smaller laptop a few months ago that he and my four-year-old son share. Because I now have a smaller computer without the bulky CPU, my work station at home is smaller, neater, and more organized.

That's my laptop over there!

What about you? Which do you prefer: desktop computers or laptop computers?

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Ever since I started working at home, I was already using a laptop. However, the previous one was kind of an old model so I was using a USB keyboard to make work easier. Just last September I, and I say "I" because that's from my own earnings =0), bought a new laptop. No longer using the usb keyboard and already get the hang of using the laptop's own keyboard.



Now that I have a laptop, I really love it. Convenient and easy to use.


Definitely laptop! It's so convenient. You can even use it lying in bed.


I always prefer desktops...it allows more storage and more "power" because I cannot do a lot of editing in website building if I do it in a laptop. Though I'm using a laptop at times, I still prefer the desktop----but a Mac one.


definitely desktops. i have progs that i use everyday which would make a laptop puke. LOL


I prefer my laptop over the desktop but like what K says, the disadvantage with laptop is that it hangs when you use certain programs.


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