Thursday, May 28, 2009

mommy moments

I've posted my entry early just in case I won't be able to use our PC tonight.

Justin had his first two haircuts done at different kid’s hair salons to make these a fun time for him. His first haircut was traumatic for him, though, as he cried the whole time his head was being shaved. That was done when he was only 1 year old. We failed to take a shot of the actual haircutting, but this was how he looked like afterwards.

Justin’s second haircut happened when he was 2 years and 4 months old in preparation for a playmate’s birthday party that he was going to attend the next day. While he was still hesitant to let the barber touch his hair, he was more cooperative this time around.



These days, I only bring Justin to the hair salon at the lobby of our condo where I also have my hair done. It’s more convenient for us, and it’s a lot cheaper than kid’s hair salons.

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soo cute ni justin. sa second pix nya he looks big boy na :)


cute naman.. :) i also bring my kids to the salon nearest our place.. it is a lot cheaper and they already understand that its just a haircut..! :D


your son is so cute and adorable! how old he na ngayon?


oi ang bait, di nagagalit pag ginugupitan..Thanks Tech sa comment...hehehe


Ang bait naman ni Justin. At 2 and 5 months, Joaqui still cries during haircut. :( Mine is up here


Buti pa si justin ang bait bait,napaka behave during his haircut. ang cute


The easiest is to shave talaga. Especially if you're going to trim for the first time. Did it too. Now, he is more cooperative at the barber shop


He's so behave. Salons for kids rake it in. Not practical these days.



i don't have problem now visiting your site.

Your kid is so tisoy with his new haircut...

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Thanks for sharing Justin's experience. Many kids fuss or cry during their first haircut. I'm glad that Justin felt more at ease on his second hair cut.


At least there is a big improvement.

True dear, mahal sa mga kid saloon, d sulit :(

Thanks for visiting my entry.
Sureness...I've already added your link @ Online Mommy's Corner


I think my son also had a traumatic experience when we shaved his head for the first time. No more shave since then, just trimming. Have a good weekend mommy :)


Your son looks great. Bald style suits him. Thanks for dropping by at my site. About the link, sure no problem :-)


Hi Tetcha, you are up on my site :-) I look forward to visiting you as often as I can. Have a great weekend.


A sign of he's getting bigger,he never even cry during his second hair cut compare to his first experience.He's so cute!giggle!!
Btw,a huge thanks for the visit & leaved a comment as you go,'m going to add you in my list.Have a Blessed Sunday!


gwapooo! *kilig* hehehehe. add ko na yung button mo dun sa wahmaholic. ngayon lng ako nagkatime. haayss..


My little one was scared at her first hair cute too. Now she's totally comfortable. Your little guy is so cute. Thanks for sharing this first with us.


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