Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One thing I noticed about my son Justin when he started going to his summer class is that he likes working with his hands. When it’s time for artwork, whether it’s coloring, finger-painting, or gluing cutouts, feathers, cotton balls or popcorn, he’s one of the firsts to sit around the table where they’re supposed to perform this activity. He doesn’t really mind if his hands get dirty in the process for as long as they get cleaned afterwards.

Some of Justin’s finished artworks

5 pensive thought/s:

wow mommy tetch ang nice naman ng artwork ni justin. you must be so proud. :)


wow, kakatuwa naman ng mga artworks nya ! Hmmm you must be proud, like you I collected all of Gabz artwork during our art session. Can't wait to see her at school though...


wow, good to know that he's into arts! ang cute naman nitong mga artworks niya. buti you took pics of it para someday makita nya progress niya :)

take care always! :)


Wow, tetcha, your son is really doing a great job, you must be proud of him...good job, josh ;-)


Those are lovely artworks. It's nice to know that Justin is having fun expressing his creativity in school.


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