Thursday, May 14, 2009

mommy moments

I didn’t realize it’s only a few minutes before Friday until I remembered it’s my son’s last day of summer class tomorrow morning. I was so unprepared for this week’s theme I almost thought I won’t have an entry posted.

According to, “silly” means any of the following:
1. stupid or foolish
2. absurd; ridiculous; irrational
3. stunned; dazed
4. lacking seriousness or responsibleness; frivolous

Will the following photos be considered silly? You be the judge of them.

This was taken a few days before Justin turned 1 month old. We actually thought this was a funny pose for father and son. Justin was really asleep, but his daddy was just pretending to be asleep. How’s that for a good actor?

This photo was taken when Justin was 1 year and 4 months old while waiting for our order of Jollibee treats. I think he’s getting a wee bit impatient. He looked so adult-like in this picture, parang “mama” (a grown man).

Taken last year when Justin was 2 years and 3 months old while waiting for the elevator to open. He’s looking kinda lost here. “Where am I, mommy?”

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8 pensive thought/s:

cute ng last pic, as if he's thinking, "i think i look silly on this hat" :D


last pic is silly! thanks for sharing... ang galing you posted early...


Hi tetch,
the last pic describes silly. Maybe he's thinking, "though I look silly, I'm still cute!" :)


mommy tetch ang cute ni justin especially yong last na pic nya kakaaliw tingnan :)

happy mommy moments :)


Silly or not those pictures make me smile, cute :)
Happy weekend mommy


Hi Therese, done adding you dear, its on my etcetera blog. Just pls check it out.. cyah!


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