Tuesday, March 31, 2009

While my experience left me scarred in more ways than one, it has also taught me some valuable lessons that I’d like to share with everyone.

1. Ignorance is not bliss. When I had double vision of my right eye in 1999 and my OB/GYN at that time asked me to go see a neurologist, I did not heed her advice. I was ignorant of the fact that my hormonal imbalance that was being treated with contraceptives and that caused me to have double vision of my right eye had something to do with the brain, particularly the pituitary gland. Had I went to a neurologist then, my pituitary tumor could have been detected early, shrunk with medication, and I would not have to undergo surgery. In short, I have been suffering the consequences of my ignorance that I have no power now to undo. My ignorance could have caused me my life.

2. My family is my greatest source of strength and support. We can never really be prepared for tragedies, such as what happened to me. It pained me to see my parents, my father especially, distraught over what I was going through. I had to show them I was okay, that things were going to be okay. It was that thought that kept me going. I also didn’t want to be a burden to anyone, so I had to try my hardest to live a normal life again.

3. Things happen for a reason. We might not be able to fathom why unfortunate things happen to us. But there is definitely a reason for all of these, and in time, those reasons will be revealed. I used to cry a lot after my surgery because I thought that was the end for me. But God has other plans. Like a child just learning to walk, He lifted me up and led me to where he wanted me to be, which is here, with my husband and my son. I am lucky to have been given a second lease on life, and I meant to enjoy every minute of it.

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I'm sorry to hear that this terrible thing happened to you. You sound like an amazingly strong person with an extremely healthy attitude. Glad to hear you are doing better. Second chances are truly a gift. Take care.


this is true my dear...everything happened for areason...be strong! have faith! =)
heres an award for you!


Hi Tetch,
it's true, we shouldn't ignore ourselves esp our health. Ako naman I have osteopenia which I'm not sure kung osteoporosis na which is irreversible. I'll try to go to a ortho doctor soon, mahal kasi ng check ups and fees e. :(


I just finished reading all part six of your story and it was really touching. Thanks for sharing and I'll keep in mind your story so that I won't ignore symptoms until they're too late.


Just like Paula, I've just finished reading all the six part story.

God is truly great! He is the God of the impossible :) Just keep the faith, not to people nor the instruments God may use, but to Him alone :) God bless


I read all six posts, that was one tough and long road to recovery. I know what's it like to be subjected to MRIs, its a scary process but I cannot fathom the difficulty you went through and the uncertainty you felt in those hard times. You are one very strong and courageous Mom! and I pray that you always have the gift of good health, you earned it and deserve it Sis!


Oh my! You have a touching story. I had to finish all six parts to be able to understand the whole thing. Now I know, there is truly a miracle if we only believe. Hope the tumor will never appear again. God bless to you and your family.


Sis, I also discovered that I have pituitary adenoma when after almost 2 years after my son was born, I still haven't had menstruation. I just had my 3rd MRI last month and my pituitary's size is smaller now although my prolactin level is still high. I sometimes have shooting, split second but intense headaches that I have asked several doctors but we still don't understand why this happens. You are the first person in our country that I've encountered that have pituitary adenoma like me. Your story is inspiring. Thanks Sis.


An amazing in-depth description into your journey. Just reading it brings back the memories of my Transsphenoidal Surgery in 2007 and continual issues.
I look forward to following your journey further.
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