Friday, March 27, 2009

mommy moments

April 2008 was Justin’s first summer outing. It was my husband’s annual company summer outing, and last year it was held at the Club Balai Isabel Resort in Talisay, Batangas.

Justin actually enjoyed playing in the water, but he was afraid of dipping himself into the water even if his daddy assured him it’s okay. The rooms we occupied were located in the villa where the owner of the resort resides. That villa has its own swimming pool aside from the resort’s main pool, so we actually had that pool all to ourselves.

While we hoped to make Justin’s first summer outing fun and exciting, it turned out to be traumatic for him (See my post “Justin’s First Summer Outing"). He also contracted fever due to throat and ear infections most probably from the water in the pool that had gotten into both his ears.

We’re hoping Justin will have a much nicer experience this year.

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6 pensive thought/s:

It's fun looking at the 3 of you, mom, dad & baby justin. Nice shot yong solo pix ni justin, ang cute ng smile.:)


The pictures looked like so much fun! I'm sorry it wasn't for Justin. :( Hope all goes well this year!!!


aww... i hope that this summer vacation, he would have a better experience!!! anyway, nice family pictures... i like the solo pic too!


cute nmn ng smile ni baby sa last pic heheh =)

heheh sinabi mo pa...mga ank ko love n love mg swoimming sana nga sa beach kme this sumer =) have a great day|


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