Sunday, March 15, 2009

Last night, while I was doing my usual Entrecard (EC) rounds, I noticed the message that appeared on the EC box is “Penalty.” I initially thought this has something to do with my slow Internet connection, so I tried dropping ECs again, but the same message appeared. When I returned to my Dashboard, there was a considerable reduction in my latest EC credits. Today, I attempted to drop ECs again, and the message is the same.
I went to Help section and here’s what Entrecard has to say on why I got a penalty when dropping cards.

According to this article, some ways to avoid getting penalties are as follows:
• Don't drop too quickly. Take the time to read the sites you drop on.
• Wait for the drop to go through before dropping on another site.
• Click the “Drop” text, not a blank area of the yellow bar.
• If you see “No such user”, the site has been deleted - don't try to drop on them again.
• If you see “Invalid”, try logging out and logging back in again. Don't refresh the page after logging in or it may re-send the drop. Bookmark the site first then go back to it using the bookmark.

Additionally, they said, “If you get a penalty, please contact us by logging a support ticket and explain how you were dropping cards. Don't just keep on dropping.”

What I don’t understand is why I get penalized when there is nothing different or unusual in the way I dropped my ECs. I’ve been doing the same thing since the day I joined Entrecard. I e-mailed Entrecard already because as of today, I only have 10 EC credits out of almost 500 points last night.

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I'm sorry to hear that. I hope it's just a matter of misunderstanding and you could still get back those lost points.


Im sorry to hear this too Mommy...but thanks also for the information. Most of the time, mabilisan ako mag-drop. Now, I know...


This happened to me a while back too.
I protested and got back my points.


When Entrecard forbade me from dropping for a day last month I didn't understand the reason either. The message was "24hr cool-off", but they didn't cut my credits.

Btw thanks for the award, will follow up about it. Sorry for late respond I was offline during weekend.


I didn't know about this one sis..Thanks sa Info..Happy Patrick Day pla..Did u wear green today? hehehehe!

Ness Diversion


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