Thursday, July 22, 2010

mommy moments

Because Justin’s dad had a routine blood test scheduled last Saturday at Makati Medical Center, we took advantage of this opportunity to pass by Greenbelt Park. It’s been a while since we last visited this place, and it was refreshing to be back there again.

There were only a handful of people at Greenbelt Park at that time because it was still early. The place usually comes alive in the afternoon or at night when mall goers stop by to visit the various coffee shops nearby and to laze around the park. We had the place pretty much to ourselves, which made taking pictures easy. We didn’t stay long, though, because our little boy was raring to go to the mall already.

Isn’t that lovely? The waterfalls, I mean!

Look at that wacky smile!

Sitting on a crocodile sculpture

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9 pensive thought/s:

Hi Tetcha, ha ha, he sure has a cheeky smile, especially after hearing going to the mall, ha ha...maybe get a new toy too.
You got a great looking boy there....has his mother's good looks too.
Masayang katapusan ng linggo para sa'yo, ingat ka palagi, Lee.


Awww the three of you look lovely - Mom, Justin and the waterfalls :) I like the final shot too. Justin looks ready to get inside the mall!


Wow ang laki na ni Justine Ate am sure eenjoy na enjoy nya lagi ang bonding nyo sa park.


I have very fond memories of Greebelt Park when I was a kid and I am happy that they retained the greenery. Lovely photos, Tetcha!


Cyempre,lovely din si Mommy Techa di lang ang waterfalls^_^ hahahaa!halatang-halata sa son mo na atat na atat na cyang pumunta sa mall lol!\(^0^)/ lovet dear!!


nice photos, we also visit this once in a while.. my entry is located just a few blocks away.. Please view my entries here and here


ganda naman dyan sa Greenbelt park....i bet he always wants to go to the park just like Jake :-)


wow, ang cute naman ng smile ni Justine! lovely pics! ganda at na maintain talaga nila ang park for years now..


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