Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We were 5 minutes late for school today because of my son’s delaying tactics again; he said he wanted to watch TV first before going to school. His Dad and I didn’t give in to his whims this time because I still had to meet Karen, the one who made Justin’s Thomas the Tank Engine cake. Karen was referred to me by the mother of my son’s classmate in school. The rest of the food (spaghetti, garlic stix, pineapple juice for the kids, and coke for the adults) came from Greenwich.

Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake

My big boy beside his birthday cake

Justin and his classmates while waiting for their food

Eating time!

Having fun!

Justin with Teachers Joanne and Kelvin

Birthday gifts from his classmates

The party would have been complete if the Thomas the Tank Engine loot bags were distributed to the kids during class dismissal. Oh well, that simply means there'll be a continuation of his birthday party tomorrow.

P.S. If you need great-looking cakes for your kids’ birthday parties, please let me know and I’ll give you Karen’s number.

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Happy Birthday Justin. I wish you all the best =) btw. I got something for you God bless =)


Happy 4th Birthday Justin. Will never forget your birthday cause it's the same with my daughter's. God Bless and Be a Good Boy always.


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