Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yes, everything is set for Justin’s 4th birthday celebration in school tomorrow. He had been requesting since last year to have a Thomas the Tank Engine birthday party, and this year, Mommy is finally able to fulfill his wish!

Everything has Thomas’ face on it from the invitation cards, to the loot bags, to what’s inside the loot bags, and to my son’s birthday cake!

Thomas the Tank Engine invitation card

Thomas the Tank Engine loot bag

Thomas the Tank Engine party give-aways

If you’re wondering where the birthday cake is, I’ll only get to see it tomorrow because it will be delivered to my son’s school. I will be absent from work tomorrow to see my son enjoy his special day with his classmates and teachers and to take a few pictures. Ever the stage mom, huh?

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Happy Birthday to Justin Mommy Tetcha :D I like the theme. Naku Thomas and Friends talaga, I noticed kasi most of your entries about him are with his Thomas toys :)


happy birthday, Justin! wishing you good health and all the best in life. be good always and make your parents proud.

btw sis, i have an award for you. you can check it here...


happy birthday to justin! i hope he enjoyed his special day. :)


Sounds exciting, Tetcha. I also did all those things when my daughter was a child like yours. Those were the days.


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